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About Us


RN-Lubricants OOO specializes in production, marketing and sales of lubricants, special-purpose fluids, and greases intended for applications in passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as in a variety of industrial equipment.

The Company produces unique lubricants suitable for a wide temperature range that may be used in aviation, Arctic conditions and exclusive oils and greases for high-precision machine-building and space industry. Commercial product range includes 1,000+ items which meet the demands of major industrial enterprises, machinery fleets and motorists.

New products are being developed in two R&D institutes of Rosneft Group.

Rosneft motor oils comply with international quality standards and have 200+ approvals from the leading Russian and foreign automotive manufacturers, including AVTOVAZ, GAZ, Daimler, BMW, Renault, Cummins, KAMAZ and others.


RN-Lubricants OOO supplies its products to 30+ countries continuously expanding its global presence. In 2015, RN-Lubricants OOO opened the representative offices in China, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

Total production of lubricants amounted to 779 thousand tons in 2015. 458 thousand tons account for the domestic market.

In 2015, a number of initiatives for the expansion of the Company's presence on the Russian Federation oil market have been implemented; this includes direct supplies to SUEK, Uralvagonzavod, Siemens-Transformers, AVTOVAZ, Lada-Image, ARMZ-Holding and AS Vostok. 20+ strategic partnership agreements with the major industrial holdings, including those for import substitution purposes have been signed. These include Belaz OAO, PAO TMK, Sinara-Transport Machines OJSC, Severstal PJSC.

RN-Lubricants OOO oils business development strategy envisages the product portfolio premiumization. To reach this goal, a number of projects for production of group II and III bases, introduction of new product groups to the portfolio and development of new products are underway. All these projects make the Company successful in import substitution.

As for the sales and promotion of the lubricants in Russia and abroad, professional distributor network is in charge of that.