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Rosneft reduces oil production costs by 30%

16 July 2019
Rosneft reduces oil production costs by 30%

Specialists from PJSC SvNIINP (subsidiary of Rosneft corporate research and design complex) and LLC RN-Lubricants (subsidiary of Rosneft) analyzed the lubricants used on the company's equipment. Conclusions have been issued, including the possibility of replacing 118 grades of imported oils and 44 grades of greases, which accounts for 62% of the total imported lubricants.

Rosneft is systematically working to reduce Russia’s dependence on imported petroleum products. Import substitution, development and launch of domestic production of industrial goods are the key objectives of the “Rosneft-2022” Strategy.

Based on a unique experience in developing lubricants and taking into account modern requirements, PJSC SvNIINP developed qualification assessment complexes that allow determining the operating level of domestic analogues and their conformity to imported samples. PJSC SvNIINP and LLC RN-Lubricants created a universal statistical database of domestic counterparts. Rosneft Gidrotec HLP and Rosneft Gidrotec HVLP are hydraulic oils manufactured by LLC RN-Lubricants, which are used at the Company’s plants instead of imported ones. The use of domestic oils has reduced operational costs by 20-30%.


PJSC SvNIINP (Middle Volga Scientific and Research Refining Institute) conducts scientific research in oil refining. It develops modern technologies for high-quality lubricants, additives and bitumen. The institute monitors and studies the quality of the processed oils and provides technological support for the production process and production of petroleum products. The institute is working towards the import substitution of lubricants in the area of corrosion control.

Experimental production of the institute focuses on the production of oils and lubricants by using its own technologies, as well as on the wholesale sale of these products in Russian and foreign markets. An important advantage of the institute is that products from its own pilot production could possibly be released.

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