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ANKhK Increased the Rosneft Oils Filling Capacities by More Than 2.5-fold

25 March 2016
ANKhK Increased the Rosneft Oils Filling Capacities by More Than 2.5-fold

Angarsk Petrochemical Company (NK Rosneft's subsidiary) has completed the oils filling line modernization and increased the Oils Plant's filling capacities by more than 2.5-fold - up to 60 thousand tons of packed oils per year. The project has modernized automatic lines for oil filling into various containers as well as the labeling and palletizing lines.
 Transportation of barrels from warehouse to the filling lines has been completely automated, pumping equipment has been replaced.
Multi-stage quality control system at the plant that controls each stage of the product life cycle has been introduced. Modern and high-precision metering equipment ensures accurate measurements. Over 220 thousand product samples are analyzed every year in order to confirm the product quality compliance.
All manufactured oils comply with domestic and global standards. Product range finds high demand on the market - both industrial enterprises and motorists use it.


Oil Plant is part of the ANKhK OAO structure (largest Rosneft's enterprise in Eastern Siberia specializing in oil refining and petrochemical products). ANKhK OAO oil plant manufactures 108 commercial products with regard of grades and types.
Since 2005, ANKhK OAO annually participates in the Top-100 Products of Russia all-Russia competition. Gold and silver logos have been awarded to 48 oils. In 2015, the gold logo and the award winner rank were awarded to Тп-22С Grade 1 turbine oil; the silver logo was awarded to М-20Е70 cylinder oil for marine diesel engines.
Currently, RN-Lubricants OOO (Rosneft's subsidiary) manages the production, development, sales and marking of the Rosneft lubricants.

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