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Viscosity Grade:
Meets Requirements:
DIN 51515-1; DIN 51515-2;
Siemens TLV 901304, 901305;
GEK 101941A;
Solar Turbines ES 9-224 Class II;
Ansaldo TG02-0171-E00000/B
Type of packing:
216.5 L



Rosneft Turbogear

Rosneft Turbogear is a new generation of premium turbine oils, which are made on the basis of high-performance base oils produced by synthetic technology and specially selected ashless composition of additives that improve anti-seize, antioxidant, anti-corrosion and demulsifying properties. The line also presents oils with improved anti-wear properties - EP (Extreme Pressure).

Field of application

Rosneft Turbogear is designed for use in modern turbine units (gas and water turbines, including with a combined lubrication system) of leading foreign manufacturers and other similar types of equipment as a lubricant with an increased replacement interval, as well as in the control systems of these machines as hydraulic fluid.

Oil Advantages

  • High oxidative stability of oils, prevents the formation of corrosive acids, deposits and sludges in the lubrication system of equipment, contributing to an increase in the service life of oils and lower operating costs
  • Demulsifying properties allow to effectively separate the water in the tanks of the circulation system, ensuring the protection of equipment from corrosion and premature wear
  • Enhanced deaerating and anti-foam properties ensure the stability of the oil film and the continuity of the oil supply to the equipment elements, contributing to the increase of its resource
  • Excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure properties of Rosneft Turbogear EP oils reduce wear and reduce the likelihood of damage to the working surfaces of gears and bearings, ensuring long-term uninterrupted operation of the mechanisms of the turbine units, including in the combined systems “multiplier / reduction turbine”.
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