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Grozny TPP reaches full capacity with Rosneft Turbogear EP 46 turbine oil

18 November 2019 Events
Grozny TPP reaches full capacity with Rosneft Turbogear EP 46 turbine oil

The Grozny Thermal Power Plant (TPP) by the Gazprom Group has launched the second power unit, which reached a full capacity of 360 MW. TPPs are based on SGT5-200E units equipped with gas turbines and generators manufactured by Siemens. Rosneft Turbogear EP 46 series of high-quality turbine oils can guarantee a trouble-free and long-lasting performance of the equipment.

Rosneft Turbogear EP 46 is a product with significantly improved EP (Extreme Pressure) properties. Specialists of RN-Lubricants have developed the oil for use in hydromechanical equipment of hydroelectric power plants and in thermomechanical equipment of TPPs manufactured by the leading international OEMs.

The use of Rosneft Turbogear EP 46 at the second power unit of the Grozny TPP will reduce the total cost of equipment ownership and will increase the overall efficiency of the plant.


In 2018, Rosneft Turbogear EP series received official approval from Siemens. At the Siemens laboratory in Germany, Rosneft Turbogear 32 EP and Rosneft Turbogear 46 EP oils have successfully passed the full range of tests for compliance with the Siemens TLV 901304 and TLV 901305 specifications. During the 3 month test, Rosneft Turbogear EP oils have demonstrated excellent thermal oxidative stability, resistance to foaming, and demulsifying properties.

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