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PAO NK Rosneft - Nefteprodukt Moscow Plant

Legal name
PAO NK Rosneft - Nefteprodukt Moscow Plant
Address: 40 Entuziastov Highway, Moscow, 105118, Russian Federation

Nefteprodukt Moscow Plant is the Rosneft's subsidiary.

Nefteprodukt Moscow Plant has been established and powered by the VNIINP OAO Moscow Experimental & Industrial Plant that has been formed by merger of VNIINP OAO Moscow Experimental & Industrial Plant and Neftegaz plant. For their dedicated work during the Great Patriotic War, the color of the State Defense Committee has been given to the plant's workers for custody.

This enterprise manufactures a wide range of lubricants, protection and conservation materials for aviation, rocket & space, automotive, armored machinery, tools making and energy:

•           Motor Oils and transmission Oils;

•           Aviation Oils;

•           Tool Oils;

•           Industrial Oils;

•           General Greases;

•           Temperature Resistant Greases;

•           Anti-scuff Pastes;

•           Tool Greases;

•           Aviation Greases;

•           Marine Greases;

•           Electric Contact Greases;

•           Thread Sealing Greases;

•           Preservation Lubricants;

•           Anti-corrosive and Thickener Additives.

9-th Military Representative Office of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation functions at the enterprise for the purpose of product acceptance.

In 2014, within the ongoing Complex Development Program at the enterprise, the first line of the general lubricants shop was put into operation. The shop is equipped with modern process equipment with the automated control and management system that guarantees the stable and high quality of the products at all production stages. One of the priorities pursued under the PAO NK Rosneft - MZ Nefteprodukt Complex Development Program is the establishment of modern lubricants production facilities (first of all, greases) that will allow substituting the currently used imported products.

Activities undertaken by R&D and production subdivisions of the plant in cooperation with the consumers have resulted in creation and production of the first industrial batches of innovative Rosneft Plastex greases with various consistency in 2015. These products have been particularly developed to substitute the imported products used in the friction units of various types of equipment.

Currently, the enterprise is putting into operation the second line for production of greases for general applications. It will significantly expand the product range and boost the premium grade import-substituting plastic greases production rates.

Another focus area of the plant is expanding the range of special-purpose oils and greases used by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in weaponry, military, and special-purpose equipment.

PAO NK Rosneft - MZ Nefteprodukt operations and businesses have earned certifications in a number of important areas, including Quality and HSE integrated management system by the British Standards Institution. Global certification to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality standards is the foundation of PAO NK Rosneft - MZ Nefteprodukt commitment to quality.