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Magnum Cleantec

10W-40Magnum Cleantec

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1 L, 4 L, 5 L, 216.5 L

Magnum Cleantec


Rosneft Magnum Cleantec

Rosneft Magnum Cleantec 10W-40 is a fully synthetic multi-grade engine oil of service category API SJ/CF. The use of synthetic base components of its own production, as well as many years of experience in cooperation with automakers, have helped to develop Rosneft Magnum Cleantec. It is specifically developed for high-mileage cars to keep their engine parts clean.

Field of application

Rosneft Magnum Cleantec 10W-40 is intended for use in gasoline and diesel engines of high-mileage cars, where API SJ/CF or lower service categories are required. Recommended for use in place of oils with service category API SG/CD.

Oil Advantages

  • Reduces formation of lacquer, sludge and deposits
  • Provides trouble-free operation of a high-mileage engine
  • Suitable for vehicles with a total mileage of more than 100,000 km.

Reduced deposits and scale

Assessment on high temperature deposits, VAZ 04-11

Washing ability on the piston of a gasoline engine

LADA 04-11 – oil test on a full-size four-cylinder engine of LADA-21114. Test duration is up to 100 hours, and oil temperature during the test is – 150 °C. The assessment on an increase in kinematic viscosity, piston ring mobility, deposits on piston skirt, deposits on jumpers, and cam wear is carried out.

Fits most cars over 10 years old  - API SJ was approved in 1996.

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