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LUBEPRO Diagnostics


If you have been postponing the full-scale diagnostics of your equipment because it required the production outage and machinery dismantling, with LUBEPRO Diagnostics service there is absolutely no need for that!

LUBEPRO Diagnostics is a unique service for complete video diagnostics of the most wearable internal components of engines and various industrial equipment using a video endoscope.

Our experts will head to your production site and analyze the situation using the video endoscope equipment once we get a message from our partner about potential problems with the oil in use. Results are provided in digital form as photos. Based on these results, our expert will not only prepare the oil replacement recommendations, but will also indicate the existing problems in equipment functioning if they are identified during the diagnostics.

LUBEPRO Diagnostics:

  • Saves Your Time and Costs Associated with the Equipment Dismantling and Downtime;
  • Extends Equipment Service Intervals;
  • Identifies Potential Problems Before the Failure of the Mechanism Occurs;
  • Explores The Trends of the Assemblies and Mechanism Condition Changes in Time.

LUBEPRO Diagnostics Examples When Analyzing Internal Combustion Engine:

Clients removes injectors (diesel-powered engine) or spark plugs (gasoline-powered engine).

Our technical expert analyzes the engine combustion chambers:

  • Cylinders Internal Bushing;
  • Valves and Cylinder Heads;
  • Piston Bottoms.

This inspection may be useful for identification of carbon deposits on a cylinder head (caused by uneven combustion of fuel-air mixture), fuel jet traces or ash traces on a piston bottom (caused by non-adjusted injector), soot on a piston, injector burning-out and other defects.