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It is important for us that our partners have confidence in their equipment reliability. We do our best to make sure your business and production facilities that require attention and timely maintenance of machinery and vehicles avoid losses caused by wrongly selected or too expensive lubricants (recommended by manufacturer). With LUBEPRO Audit, you and your technical experts can be sure that the production equipment has undergone control and will function properly.

LUBEPRO Audit is as a full-scale audit. Our highly qualified experts with vast experience in lubricants conduct on-site audit. Our technical and administrative expert teams arrive at your site and study all ins and outs of your equipment together with your engineers and, if necessary, sample out the currently used lubricants to evaluate their condition (more: LUBEPRO Monitoring).

Based on the results of the full-scale audit, our experts will provide a detailed report for you to make a decision about the use of Rosneft lubricants; we will prepare the testing program for you to further evolve our cooperation.