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Revolux GEO CS

15W-40Revolux GEO

Viscosity Grade:
International specifications:
Meets Requirements:
ISO HFDU (ISO 6743/4)
Type of packing:
216.5 L

Revolux GEO CS


Rosneft Revolux GEO CS

Rosneft Revolux GEO CS 15W-40 is a high quality low-ash engine oil for high-speed spark ignition engines using methane (natural gas) as fuel. It is produced from high-quality hydrotreated mineral base oils and advanced additives with low ash content (low SAPS), which prevent ash deposit formations in the combustion chamber, inhibit valve burnouts and improve spark plug operations.

Field of application

Rosneft Revolux GEO CS 15W-40 is intended for all-season use in gas engines of buses, main trucks and other commercial vehicles operating on natural gas.

Oil Advantages

  •  High resistance to oxidation and nitration ensures the oil’s long service life
  •  A low-ash additive package prevents the ash deposit formations on the cylinder-piston group, excluding the possibility of pre-ignition and increasing the service life of exhaust gas purification systems
  •  Balanced composition of detergent-dispersant additives keep the engine parts clean throughout the oil service interval
  •  Rosneft Revolux GEO has an excellent compatibility with all existing seal materials, and thus protects the car engine from leaks.
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