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Gidrotec OE HVLP

22Gidrotec OE HVLP

Viscosity Grade:
Meets Requirements:
DIN 51524-3 (HVLP), ISO 11158 (HV)
и ASTM D6158 HV, Sulzer
Type of packing:
20 L, 216.5 L, 1000 L

Gidrotec OE HVLP


Rosneft Gidrotec OE HVLP

Rosneft Gidrotec OE HVLP is a hydraulic oil produced from highly purified mineral oils and high performance additives with a fluorescent indicator and seal conditioner.

Field of application

Rosneft Gidrotec OE HVLP is intended for all-season use as a working fluid in hydraulic drive and hydraulic control systems for construction, road and logging equipment and other machinery/units with a high degree of wear operating outdoors.

Oil Advantages

  • Seal conditioner increases rubber products’ elasticity and causes them to swell (within the limits), thereby reducing gaps and minimizing leakage
  • Fluorescent indicator facilitates the rapid detection of leakage with the help of an ultraviolet bulb, and is also a protection against counterfeit products
  • Increased lower limit of kinematic viscosity (no more than 10%) provides a stable pressure in the hydraulic system
  • Can be applied in circulating systems of various industrial equipment throughout all seasons
  • Compliance with DIN 51524-3.
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