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Magnum Maxtec

5W-30Magnum Maxtec

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1 L, 4 L, 5 L, 216.5 L

Magnum Maxtec


Rosneft Magnum Maxtec

Rosneft Magnum Coldtec 5W-30 is a fully synthetic multi-grade engine oil of service category API SN/CF. A comprehensive understanding of the processes which occur during an engine start under low temperature conditions, as well as use of the most valid tests and experiments, have contributed to the creation of Rosneft Magnum Coldtec product line. The oil reliably protects the engine parts during an oil starvation, has a lower viscosity during an oil pump, and quickly creates the necessary pressure in the oil system compared to the most mass market products.

Field of application

Rosneft Magnum Coldtec is designed for all-season use in modern gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in severe winter conditions. Recommended for vehicles where API SN/CF or lower service categories are required. Approved by AvtoVAZ.

Oil Advantages

  • Facilitates engine start at low temperature
  • Reliably protects the engine parts at the start
  • Reduces the load on the battery and prolongs its service life.

Reduces formation of deposits in cylinder-piston group

LADA 04-11 – oil test on a full-size four-cylinder engine of LADA-21114. Test duration is up to 100 hours, and oil temperature during the test is – 150 ° C. The assessment on an increase in kinematic viscosity, piston ring mobility, deposits on piston skirt, deposits on jumpers, and cam wear is carried out.

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