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RN-Lubricants OOO is the Company's subsidiary in charge of the new products development, Rosneft lubricants sales and promotion.

Five enterprises are engaged in production of top-quality lubricants and additives:

•           Novokuybyshevsk Oil & Additive Plant OOO;

•           Oil plant, part of the JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Company structure

•           RN-Lubricants OOO oil plant in Ryazan;

•           PAO NK Rosneft - Nefteprodukt Moscow Plant;

•           Slavneft-YANOS OAO (share in the Company).


The Company provides full-cycle production of lubricants, including production of base oils from raw materials derived from crude oil, blending of commercial oils and packaging.

In 2015, the total sales of Company’s lubricants amounted to 779 thousand tons, 457 thousand tons account for the domestic market.

            Lubricant products include 300+ products which meet demands of both industrial enterprises and private consumers:

  • Oils for Passenger Vehicles:
    • Motor Oils,
    • Transmission Oils,
    • Service Fluids;
  • Oils for Commercial Vehicles and Machinery
    • Motor Oils,
    • Transmission Oils,
    • Marine Oils,
    • Locomotive Oils,
    • Hydraulic Oils,
    • Universal Oils;
  • Industrial Oils:
    • Hydraulic Oils,
    • Gearbox Oils,
    • Compressor Oils,
    • Circulation Oils,
    • Oils for Energy Industry,
    • Molding Oils,
    • Coolants and Process Fluids,
    • Quench Process Fluids,
    • Spindle Process Fluids,
    • Chain Process Fluids,
    • Oils for Slide Guides,
    • Greases,
    • Industrial Non-formulated Oils;
  • Base Oils;
  • General and Special-purpose Greases;
  • Additives and Additive Packages for Lube Oils;
  • Anti-wear Additives for Diesel Fuels (Kompleksal-ECO D).

Due to proprietary solutions and imported components (bases, additives) the production meets the specifications established by the leading global machinery manufacturers and international associations such as API, ACEA, SAE, ILSAC, DIN and others.

Most of the lubricants are manufactured in compliance with the Company's in-house technical specifications and standards.

The Company develops new products in cooperation with the major Russian equipment and machinery manufacturers: Novolipetsk Steel PJSC, SOLLERS PJSC, InterRAO PJSC, Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC, AVTOVAZ PJSC, Rostselmash Harvester Plant OJSC, KAMAZ PJSC, ОАО Avtodizel (YaMZ) and a number of R&D institutions: VTI OAO, VNIINP OAO, SvNIINP OJSC.


LLL Novokuibyshevsk Oils and Additives Plant (NZMP LLL)
Legal name
LLL Novokuibyshevsk Oils and Additives Plant
Address: 2 Proizvodstvennaya St., Novokuybyshevsk, Samara Region, 446207, Russian Federation
PAO NK Rosneft - Nefteprodukt Moscow Plant
Legal name
PAO NK Rosneft - Nefteprodukt Moscow Plant
Address: 40 Entuziastov Highway, Moscow, 105118, Russian Federation
RN-Lubricants OOO (Ryazan)
Legal name
RN-Lubricants OOO
Address: 8 Yuzhny Promuzel, Ryazan, 390011, Russian Federation
Slavneft-YANOS OAO
Legal name
Slavneft-YANOS OAO
Address: 130 Moskovsky Ave., Yaroslavl, 150023, Russian Federation
Novo-Yaroslavsky refinery (Slavneft-YANOS OAO) was commissioned in 1961. Since 1995, the enterprise has been the member of Slavneft oil company. :
Today, Slavneft-YANOS OAO is one of the largest petroleum products manufacturers in Russia. :
Slavneft-YANOS OAO offers a wide range of petroleum products:
• Euro-5 Gasoline and Diesel Fuels, Jet Engine Fuels; :
• Oils: Compressor, Turbine, Industrial and Base;
• Bitumens: Road, Roofing, Construction;
• Paraffin and Wax Products; :
• Aromatic Hydrocarbons; :
• Liquefied Gases; :
• Mazut. :
In 2002, a quality management system has been introduced and successfully certified to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 international standard and GOST R ISO 9001. Today, Slavneft-YANOS OAO operations have the three quality management systems in place that comply with ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001
Now, the plant investment program's focus point is the construction of the group III (API) base oils unit.:
JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Company Oil Plant
Legal name
JSC Angarsk Petrochemical Company Oil Plant
Address: Angarsk, Irkutsk Region, 665830, Russian Federation
Website: www.anhk.ru