RN-Lubricants LLC 19 Malaya Kaluzhskaya St., Moscow, 119071, Russia
+7 (499) 517-76-68

Lubricants under the Rosneft brand are sold by a subsidiary of Rosneft, LLC RN-Lubricants.

LLC RN-Lubricants sells products on a tender basis through direct supply agreements (to large key customers), as well as through a network of distribution partners.

Potential buyers need to go through a process of assessment to meet the qualification requirements for buyers. The procedure for passing the qualification assessment is carried out by PJSC NK Rosneft.

To complete the procedure, a potential buyer needs to:

• Read the rules and requirements for passing the qualification assessment of buyers on the website  http://tender.rosneft.ru/prequal/index.html (for residents) or http://tender.rosneft.com/prequal/index.html (for non-residents)

• Prepare documents for a qualification assessment.

• Place documents through the functionality of the ETP of JSC TEK-Torg https://www.tektorg.ru/tenders..

Documents for the qualification assessment are accepted in the electronic form through the electronic trading platform of JSC TEK-Torg https://www.tektorg.ru/tenders.. After registration (accreditation) as a participant in tender procedures on the ETP TEK-Torg, you must submit an application for a qualification assessment of the buyer through your personal account. To do this, go to the menu “Implementation of HCS by Rosneft Oil Company”, select “Qualification assessment”, then “Submit an application”. The application form for the qualification assessment will open without the option to edit basic information about the organization. Then follow step by step according to the description for filing documents. Fill in and attach all the necessary documents and submit an application for the evaluation. The application in the personal account should be indicated with the "Submitted" status.

PJSC NK Rosneft reserves the right not to accept incomplete documents, as well as documents not submitted in the appropriate form.

Become a Distributor

RN-Lubricants OOO seeks to expand the network of professional partners, the market players who supply lubricants and provide high-level associated services to the clients.

RN-Lubricants OOO candidate distributor must meet  the criteria established by the Company and applicable to the Distributors category, such as:

- Availability of an Active Client Base (at least 200 clients per month);

- Availability of In-House Or Rented Warehouse at Least 300 sq. m. For Storage of at Least 1.5 Month Sales Volume of Packed Oils;

- Availability of Dedicated Business Unit in Charge of B2B or B2C sales, At Least 5 Employees Including the Manager;

- First Minimum Batch Size for Potential Buyers Should be at Least 70 Tons of the Products.

If your company is interested in getting the distributor status and meets all of the abovementioned criteria, please send all the necessary paperwork to masla@rosneft.ru. Sales Department experts will respond as soon as possible.