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RN-Lubricants OOO (Ryazan)

Legal name
RN-Lubricants OOO
Address: 8 Yuzhny Promuzel, Ryazan, 390011, Russian Federation

RN-Lubricants OOO production facilities in Ryazan have been powered by RNPK ZAO and Ryazan Petrochemical Plant OOO.

The plant has a lubricants blending and packaging process cycle.

Commercial oils blending plant's capacity is as high as 20 thousand tons per month and depends on the specific production programs that respect the requirements for ready product shipments. Packed products volume is over 9 thousand tons per month. A single warehouse at the production facility in Ryazan is designed to store up to8 thousand tons of finished goods.

This enterprise manufactures 250+ lubricants for a wide range of applications covering virtually all industries:

  • Oils for Passenger Vehicles:
    • Motor Oils,
    • Transmission Oils,
    • Service Fluids;
  • Oils For Commercial Vehicles and Machinery
    • Motor Oils,
    • Transmission Oils,
    • Marine Oils,
    • Locomotive Oils,
    • Hydraulic Oils,
    • Universal Oils;
  • Industrial Oils:
    • Hydraulic Oils,
    • Gearbox Oils,
    • Compressor Oils,
    • Circulation Oils,
    • Oils for Energy Industry,
    • Molding Oils,
    • Coolants and Process Fluids,
    • Quench Oils,
    • Spindle Oils,
    • Chain Oils,
    • Oils for Slide Guides,
    • Greases,
    • Industrial Non-formulated Oils.

Since 2009, a quality management system has been introduced and successfully certified to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 international standard. Leading auditors of the SGS company, a global leader in certification, from year to year mention the continuous improvement of the applied QMS.

End-to-end control at every production stage - from base oils and additives to commercial product, packaging and shipment to consumers - is the guarantee top quality of the products.

Petroleum products testing laboratory controls quality of the products. This laboratory is certified by the Federal Accreditation Service and complies with GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2009. Due to unique equipment and high-precision analytical tools, including those for elemental composition determination: atomic absorption spectrometer, IR and UV spectrophotometers, 250+ analyses are conducted daily.

An ongoing technical refurbishment program is expected to improve production facilities to meet the growing demands of the consumers.

RN-Lubricants products are supplied throughout the Russian Federation, Customs Union countries, CIS and other countries.