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Rosneft Plastex CT-4

Plastex CT

Type of packing:
20 L

Rosneft Plastex CT-4

Rosneft Rosneft Plastex CT-4

Rosneft Plastex CT-4 is a thread lubricant for oil country tubular goods. Its operating temperature range from - 50 ° С to 200 ° С. It meets the requirements of GOST R ISO
13678 / API 5AZ.

Field of application

Rosneft Plastex CT-4 is designed for to sealing and protect against corrosion protection of rounded and thrust threads on the connections of casing, tubing, drill pipes and pipelines of any diameter exposed to repeated make-up when operating at pressures up to 70 MPa. It does not contain lead.

Oil Advantages

  • Works under high pressure operation, providing sealing of threaded connections at liquid and gas pressures up to 70 MPa
  • Provides sealing during repeated screwing of pipes
  • Provides good adhesion to the thread surface
  • Provides the ability to apply both by hand, brush or spatula, and through automatic lubrication
  • Provides the possibility of high-quality (without sagging, with sufficient degree of ease) applied to threads at temperatures up to - 50 0 С
  • Has a friction coefficient of 1.3
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