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Revolux D6

5W-30Revolux D6

Viscosity Grade:
International specifications:
Deutz DQC IV-10-LA
Meets Requirements:
MB 228.51;
MTU Category 3.1.
Type of packing:
20 L, 216.5 L

Revolux D6


Rosneft Revolux D6

Rosneft Revolux D6 5W-30 – is a modern synthetic all-season premium engine oil produced using the unique Revolux technology. Designed for use in high-power diesel engines of freight trucks, utility machinery and in intercity buses, requiring oils that meet the requirements of modern specifications ACEA E6, E7 and environmental standards Euro-V/VI or lower, including those equipped with exhaust gas systems: EGR, SCR, DPF. The oil meets the standards of the world's leading manufacturers.

Field of application

Rosneft Revolux D6 5W-30 oil is designed for the operation of high-load Euro-V/VI diesel engines with exhaust gas after-treatment systems (EGR, SCR, DPF) of modern commercial machinery at extended replacement intervals. Availability of official approvals allows the oil to be used for servicing during the warranty period.

Oil Advantages

  • Meets the requirements of leading foreign manufacturers of commercial machinery
  • Modern components of the functional additive package form a protective film, preventing the deposit formation on engine parts, while dispersant additives maintain soot particles in the oil volume, thereby ensuring engine cleanliness
  • Improved anti-wear properties allow for maximum protection of the engine throughout the entire life of the equipment
  • The oil is compatible with all types of exhaust gas after-treatment systems (DPF, SCR, EGR) and significantly extends their service life.
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