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Emultec 3175


Type of packing:
20 L, 216.5 L

Emultec 3175

Rosneft Emultec 3175

Rosneft Emultec 3175 is a metalworking fluid (MWF), a emulsol concentrate with a balanced composition of mineral base oil, additive package and biocidal additives. Recommended use rates range from 3% to 8% and should be selected by the technologists of the business-to-consumer on a trial basis, depending on the material of the workpiece, cutting conditions, operating parameters of equipment, geometrical arrangement and characteristics of the metal cutting tools. It contains an antiwear additive (EP) that reduces wear on the cutting tool, and is recommended for cutting of alloy steels and for heavy duty cutting.

Field of application

Rosneft Emultec 3175 intended for turning on automated machines, milling, cutting (pulverization), drilling (including deep), cutting & rolling threads and cutting teeth. Workable materials are foundry iron, carbon steels, high carbon steels and alloy steels. This type of MWF is applied in the form of aqueous emulsions. Rosneft Emultec 3175 must be thoroughly mixed before preparing the emulsion.

Oil Advantages

  • High resistance against bacterial damage ensures environmental and sanitary safety in operation and a long service life of the emulsion
  • Effective anti-wear and extreme pressure additives improve the quality of work surfaces and prolong the service life of the metal-cutting tool
  • Balanced components of the additives give the finished emulsion low foaming and high detergent properties
  • High detergency quickly removes the cutting materials from the cutting zone
  • Effective emulsifier quickly prepares the required amount of emulsion and reduces the time spent on secondary operations.
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