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Flowtec Iron 532

320Rosneft Flowtec Iron

Viscosity Grade:
Meets Requirements:
Danieli ESS;
Morgoil Advanced Mill specification
Type of packing:
216.5 L, 1000 L, bulk

Flowtec Iron 532


Rosneft Flowtec Iron 532

Rosneft Flowtec Iron is a circulating oil developed to lubricate heavy-duty oil film bearings of section rolling mills, sheet mills and wire mills. It is produced from high-quality base oils and multifunctional additives with high demulsifying, anti-wear and viscosity-temperature properties. It provides a high-quality lubrication to the moving parts with high loads.

Field of application

Rosneft Flowtec Iron 510 and 515 are recommended for use in wire mills. Rosneft Flowtec Iron 522, 532 and 546 are recommended for use in hot rolling mills and long product mills. They can also serve as a universal lubricant for circulation systems, which require oils with improved lubricating and demulsifying properties.

Oil Advantages

  • High level of demulsifying properties quickly remove excess water from the oil circulation system and prevent the formation of persistent water-oil emulsions, thereby protecting the equipment against premature wear
  • Functional additives increase the rolling speed without increasing wear, improve the overall productivity of rolling mills and extend the life of oil film bearings
  • Active anti-corrosive components effectively protect the system from corrosion and increase its service life
  • Stability to foaming reduces the risk of air entering the working part of the system, prevents cavitation, and maintains the stability of the protective oil film in friction units.
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