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Gidrotec FireSafe HFDU

46Gidrotec FireSafe

Viscosity Grade:
Meets Requirements:
ISO HFDU (ISO 6743/4)
Type of packing:
216.5 L

Gidrotec FireSafe HFDU


Rosneft Gidrotec FireSafe HFDU

Rosneft Gidrotec FireSafe HFDU - modern fireproof synthetic hydraulic fluid. It is based on organic esters of adding an effective additive package. The products belonging to the class ISO HFDU, specially designed for use in hydraulic systems that operate in inflammable environments as well as technological areas with high temperatures and open fire.

Field of application

Rosneft Gidrotec FireSafe HFDU intended for use in hydraulic systems of glass, mining, metallurgy, coke plants, mines and so on. The liquid Rosneft Gidrotec Firesafe HFDU provides a significant reduction in the risk of fire, which is available from the use of mineral oils in case of rupture of the hoses or oil mist in close proximity to flames when leakages in the melting process.

Oil Advantages

  • Good anti-wear properties, increases the lifetime of the equipment
  • Fire resistance is maintained throughout the life of the hydraulic system
  • Long lifetime due to the high level of stability towards oxidation
  • good anticorrosive properties with respect to ferrous and nonferrous metals used in hydraulic systems
  • The temperature-viscosity characteristics wider than the mineral oils, meets the requirements of all-season.

Provides increased fire resistance

Test Description:

When the oil sample is placed in a flask-shaped reaction vessel, the temperature is gradually increased and periodically regulated by thermostat. When the oil sample flashes and continues to burn for at least 10 seconds, the temperature is recorded.

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