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Gidrotec ZF HVLP

46Gidrotec ZF HVLP

Viscosity Grade:
DIN 51524-3 (HVLP),
Kirovsky Zavod, OJSC
Type of packing:
20 L, 216.5 L, 1000 L

Gidrotec ZF HVLP


Rosneft Gidrotec ZF HVLP

Rosneft Gidrotec ZF HVLP is a zinc-free hydraulic oil with a high performance level. It is produced from highly purified mineral oils and ashless additives with high anti-oxidant, anti-corrosive and anti-wear properties.

Field of application

Rosneft Gidrotec ZF HVLP is intended for all-season use as a working fluid in hydraulic drive and hydraulic control systems for construction, road, logging, and hoisting-and-transport equipment and other machinery/units operating outdoors.

Oil Advantages

  • Excellent low-temperature properties allow quick start-up of hydraulic systems without additional heating, reducing start-up time and wear of friction units when working on cold oil
  • Designed to work in the hydraulic systems of modern mobile technology, which has elements of copper and silver
  • Absence of metal-containing compounds prevents formation of deposits in the hydraulic system, preventing valve sticking during operation, and reducing the degree of oxidation and the uncontrolled growth of oil viscosity caused by the dissolution of deposits
  • Improved air release reduces the possibility of cavitation during the operation of high-speed hydraulic pumps, distribution and control valves, ensuring the stability of oil pressure.
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